A Single Story Dwelling in Avila by A-cero architects

photo (c) Xurxo LobatoThis is a 1.200m² house built not only to capture the beauty of its natural surroundings, but to embellish the experience in nature, the breathtaking vistas and to become one with the surrounding environment.  Meet the single story dwelling in Avila, Spain by A-Cero Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares Architects which was completed in 2005. This home rests between rolling meadows, tree groves and the occasional wildlife passing by; this house has become a part of this bigger picture.  Constructed with natural materials of stone and wood, the home has been designed in a way to capture every angle of every vista to the world beyond its glass and concrete barrier.


The pristine white exterior offers high contrast to the soft greens and browns of the natural environment.  There is consistency in the home’s low profile as it demonstrates little disruption to the natural terrain.  Careful studies were conducted to ensure enough openings were provided to the interior of the home through courtyards, skylights and windows in order to maximize the amount of light entering the space.  The interior courtyard is especially important as it provides a buffer to the harsh climate while providing a private space for the home owner.

The essence of the exterior is literally brought into the interior dwelling through natural wood and exposed, bare boulders intersecting the smooth, painted partitions.  Raw hides and antlers are the finishing touches that reinforce the design concept and influence.  Long corridors provide circulation through the home as they ultimately lead you to a viewing point to connect with the exterior.  The palette is simple and soft, aptly so in order to not compete with the natural setting.  A-cero has provided many opportunities to bring interior activities outside the home, designated eating patios, benches and other.  It’s almost expected that you would find peace and serenity in this environment, but even more so in the soft, inviting interior of this beautiful home.


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