Veterinary Clinic / Posto 9

© Filipe Oliveira

Architects: Posto 9
Location: Campo Grande, ,
Project Manager: Arq. Joana Castanheira
Project Team: Arq. Joana Ribeiro, Arq. André Ferreira
Consultants: DSD / Naesteira / Ventimonta / MR Costa / Electro Emergência Amorim Lda / Pinde Lda / Futureng / Pentium
Client: ULHT
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Filipe Oliveira


© Filipe Oliveira

The expansion of a space dedicated to the Veterinary course will also work as an external clinic providing animal care to the outside.

Has a Volume, the building develops has three parallel bodies. This division by volume, allows to group the first body to the public area, where will be concentrate the general assistance area and waiting area that his directly related with the exterior. The second Volume it’s destined to be the practical/consulting service classroom that will maintain a connection with both areas, the public and the private space for administrative offices and relocation of animals (third body).

© Filipe Oliveira

northwest elevation

These three interconnected volumes actually represent levels of public access, and access to clinics is possible for clients from the waiting room and for professionals through the access zone linking the administrative services, recovery space and the chirurgical area located in the building to expand.

There was also the concern to make a comfortable space considering the animals and their owners, particularly in the choice of colors, trying to not make the environment too effusive.


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