akasaka shinichiro atelier: the ordinary house

‘the ordinary house’ by akasaka shinichiro atelier in sapporo, japan
all images courtesy akasaka shinichiro atelier
photographer: koji sakai

‘the ordinary house’ by japanese practice akasaka shinichiro atelier is a two storey dwelling
located in the hills of a forest outside sapporo city. simple in volume and floor plan, the cubic design
explores the notion of generating memorable spaces from subtle cuts and modifications.

exterior view

sitting on a natural stepped-down stage in the hillside, the design’s main entrance is located
on the upper level and is accessed by an elevated bridgeway. the unassuming finish of
the facades conceals the presence of the structure, with all of its discernible domestic
features — windows, terrace, chimney — placed on the sides facing out into the forest.

bridge entrance

a pie-shaped section excised out of its east facade creates an outdoor terrace by
the upper-level dining area. located adjacent to this is a triangular void space that allows
the dwellers to overlook the living room downstairs from the mezzanine floor.
expansive glazing provides natural lighting into both these spaces, blurring the physical
boundaries between the interior and exterior.

(left) facade
(right) view out from living area

finished in panels of light plywood, the interior provides a natural and illuminated
atmosphere. the living space features a series of stepped seating that orientate
the space towards the view outside.

stepped seating in living area

dining space

mezzanine level

view of outdoor terrace


during winter

(left) floor plan / level 0
(right) floor plan /  level +1

section through terrace

section through mezzanine-atrium

exploded axo diagram


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