frundgallina: structure d’accueil de colombire

‘structure d’accueil colombire’ by frungallina in mollens, switzerland
photographer: milo keller

swiss architects frundgallina has designed ‘structure d’accueil de colombire’, a small restaurant
and lookout on a mountain in mollens, switzerland. characterized by a small, pavilion-like structure
made of reinforced concrete, the two-level project takes advantage of its site and natural topography
by placing the majority of its interior space underground.

view from trail
image © milo keller

located on the edge of the mountain adjacent to a foot trail, the design consists of
an assuming asymmetrical volume with a large window opening facing the forest.
two rectilinear chimneys lend the pavilion an iconic and playful profile,
accenting the slight pitched roofline.

image © milo keller

image © milo keller

underground, a long and linear space extends from the trail to the slope, culminating in
a expansive glazed plane that frames a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape.
to accentuate the length and character of the space, the dining hall is marked with a single
long table. utilizing a simple layout, the functional programs are pushed to one side of
the room to open up the rest of the floor space to the visitors.

dining space
image © milo keller

lookout to the mountains
image © milo keller

stairs leading down to the restaurant level
image © milo keller

night view
image © milo keller

floor plan / level -1

floor plan / level 0

longitudinal section

cross section


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