go hasegawa: pilotis in a forest

‘pilotis in a forest’ by go hasegawa
images courtesy of go hasegawa

japanese studio go hasegawa has designed ‘pilotis in a forest’, a weekend house
located three hours outside of tokyo, japan. situated among a forest of mature trees,
the structure aims to co-exist with the natural landscape that surrounds it.

view of overall structure

propped 6.5 meters into the air through a series of stilts and cross braces, the dwelling
provides views above the treetops and on to the mountains in the distance. an open plaza
below is sheltered by trees that encircle the structure like walls.

the main volume, accessed by a daunting set of stairs, features large frameless windows
and a terrace that introduce the forest directly into the residence. louvered portions of the
floor and ceiling further merge the boundaries between indoors and out, entwining sight and
sounds of the forest with that of the home.

finished entirely in wood, the design — which includes a bedroom, kitchen, living room and
bathroom — provides a series of spaces that engage the visitor and accommodate a range of
programs and relationships.

looking upwards at underside of deck



site plan

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1



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