hofman dujardin architecten: villa geldrop

‘villa geldrop’ by hofman dujardin architecten, the netherlands
images courtesy of hofman dujardin architecten

amsterdam based studio, hofman dujardin architecten has completed ‘villa geldrop’, a freestanding
family home in the netherlands. the residence, which is anchored into the earth by a perpendicular
running slope, is located at the edge of its site next to an existing barn whose overall form it mimics.
by positioning the structure into the axis of the landscape, the unit is able to absorb and reflect the
farmland that surrounds it.

looking into lower living room

the house balances over a long linear cut in the land which acts as the main entrance and exit to the
residence. a long, gradual ramp splices the flat terrain, leading visitors in to the basement of the home.
four bedrooms branch off of an enclosed glass void — flanked on one end by the ramp, the other by a
set of stairs — keeping the view unobstructed and allowing the main structure above to appear as though
nothing sits below it.

back facade with office nook

front facade

a narrow hallway runs the perimeter of the dwelling on the main floor, connecting the kitchen on one
end of the house with the living room on the other. voids, transitioning ceiling heights and large windows
create a feeling of spaciousness on the interior and entwine functions and activities that take place both
inside the home and out.

side elevation, looking into kitchen

view of upper living room

living room

an open loft on the second level sits under the pitched roof over the kitchen, living and dining room.
a series of openings cut through the floor, creating a permeable atmosphere that expands the otherwise
enclosed environment. breaking the form of the barn silhouette are two cubic nooks that extend beyond
the roof line, providing private office spaces that open up to the sky.

living room

dining room


physical model

floor plan (from left to right) level -1, level 0, level 1


exploded axo


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