Villa Remshagen / smedshammar+Holmberg AB

© Åke E:son Lindman

Architects: smedshammar+Holmberg ABAnders Holmberg, Carl-Johan Smedshammar
Location: , Vallentuna,
Project area: 115 sqm
Project year: 2007 – 2009
Photographs: Anders Holmberg, Åke E:son Lindman

© Åke E:son Lindman

Villa Remshagen is located behind a stone slab and on top of a hill with massive oaks and meadows sloping down to the lake. When you come to the site a dark facade appears which is relatively closed with a minimum of windows. The main entrance is situated beneath the protective carport roof. The glazed entrance door leads into the hall which separates the house’s private and social areas.

© Anders Holmberg

Through the terrace door you see straight through the house down to the sauna and the water. A specially designed wall of walnut is built at the house’s rear wall, containing everything from the kitchen to bookshelves. In contrast to the walnut there is a white pigmented wooden floor and white ceiling panels. Even the dining table is custom designed and reflects the house’s sense of material with a dark walnut surface outside and white details on the inside. In order to interact with the beautiful surroundings the house is made quite low and is given a dark gray exterior with white painted interior walls.

© Anders Holmberg

In the south east elevation the terrace and roof are protruding towards the lake. The roof is angled towards the sky while the bottom of the house angles down along the ground towards the lake. The roofed terrace overlooks the water and the forest in the west while also having the best position for the evening sun. The warm “sun corner” in concrete has a floor with a pond mirror and walls with openings that frame the nature and scenery.

model 01

The materials and their true feeling has been the focus throughout the project, where the materials have been carefully chosen to fit in with the feeling that the oak covered hillside with its dramatic and unspoiled environment conveys. Different materials and finishes have been used on the house’s various surfaces, where the contrasts in both color and create a vivid house. Down by the lake there is a combined guest house and sauna in the same form as the main house.


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