Beautiful Contemporary Casa Codina in Argentina by A4estudio

Situated on a flat land of 1.500 square meters, this beautiful house was a project developed byA4estudio in Mendoza, Argentina. The house has been organized around a central courtyard located in the middle. This provides a quiet and protected open space and it’s nice to have a piece of nature that you can admire from inside. Also, there’s a large lateral garden that has been created for even more freshness.

The garden and the interior courtyard face north and benefit from the direct light and heat coming from the sun. The smaller and private areas of the house are facing east, while the service areas are located to the west. There seems to be a very clear delimitation of the different areas in the house. This allows everyone to have privacy and intimacy and it doesn’t create a juxtaposition of clearly different areas.

In terms of design, the project is a modern creation, with a contrastive look that comes from the combination of open and closed areas. The main facade of the house was designed using perforated aluminum material great for ventilation. From the central courtyard there;s a big concrete wall emerging that was designed to protect the house from solar radiations coming from the west. The interior design varies according to the type of room. But the overall image is modern, simple and elegant.


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