Fantastic Villa Överby- by John Robert Nilsson Architects

I am one of the persons who had the opportunity to visit Sweden, a Scandinavian country with an impressive landscape and wonderful people. Since then I have been fascinated by everything that was Swedish or had been connected to Sweden.The same thing happened when I saw this fantastic villa Överby, designed by John Robert Nilsson Architects. It is situated on the archipelago off the coast of capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

It is a great building with simple design and wonderful open spaces which increase the idea of light. The interiors are dominated by the white color and a minimalist and simplistic design.

Its north side has a matt black façade while the other three sides are made of laminated glass which has a built in invisible heating system. It has also an electronically controlled glass from Quantum Glass which offers a good visibility and thermal comfort inside.The idea of open space is used for the outside design too. The open plan living area continues with a sand- lime brick patio which seems to shelter a wonderful fireplace and a pool that appears to run into the ocean below.

It is a wonderful holiday house which seems to blend itself with the surrounding landscape and which makes you think of the old communion of man and nature.


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