Modern penthouse apartment by Robert Bailey

This beautiful apartment is located in downtown Vancouver, Canada and the interior design was created by Robert Bailey. You can instantly see how comfortable and relaxing this place is. The designer had previously worked with the owners on other projects in West Vancouver and in London and he already knew what the couple wanted to achieve in their new home.

The idea was to create a comfortably luxurious and visually quiet home, where the couple could relax and enjoy spending some time together, as well as with friends.

The process of designing this place was realized in two phases, First, the basics were created, after which everything started to take shape and at the end of the second phase the apartment was handed over to the new owners. The apartment is a 6.400sq feet penthouse on two levels. It occupies the 47th and th 48th floor, as well as the 49th roof deck and it’s located in the Fairmont Building in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In order to create the warm and calm look that you see in the pictures, the designer had to use warm and neutral materials and colors, wide plank bleached oak flooring, walnut doors and millwork, taupe stone and marble. The apartment was designed in a way that would make the couple feel comfortable and cozy during their day to day life, but it can also be used to entertain large groups of people.{found oncontemporist and pics from Josh Dunford}


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